Tips for Navigating Air Travel This Summer

Tips for Navigating Air Travel This Summer

Covid-19’s sudden disruption of travel plans may have kept us confined within the walls  of our homes for over a year, but at a certain point, we realize we had to get out. If you  have been loyal to the CDC guidance and haven’t moved a muscle against the  guidelines, you deserve to take a break. However, you can’t negotiate on your health  while traveling, even if everything seems alright. You must take certain steps to protect  yourself and others. 

Airlines strive to make traveling, simple, but with strict rules and regulations, air travel  has become extremely difficult to manage, especially during the summer months. If you  plan to travel via air, you must abide by the rules. But following rules aren’t the only  things that works, so you can always rely on tips and tricks. 

Tips for Navigating Air Travel 

To keep your summer plans intact and uninterrupted, here are some tips that will help  you travel smoothly: 

Get Travel Insurance 

There’s no easy way to say this, but your plans may fall apart even if you were  meticulous. The best thing to do to avoid harm is to get travel insurance. Loss of  luggage, accidental injuries, and certain incidents are covered by most travel insurance  and allow you to travel without major obstacles. 

Take Early Flights 

Yes, not all people are early birds, and it can be difficult getting somewhere when the  sun has just only shown its face. But traveling via early flights can save you from many  problems and ensure a smoother flight. 

Early flights are not preferred by most travelers, so you don’t have to worry about  overbooking. Early flights have fewer changes and delays compared to flights that occur  later in the day, so if you’re in a hurry, set that alarm! 

Avoid Weekends 

Weekends are the most travel days of a month. Many people travel on the weekends  rather than during the week, therefore by traveling mid-week you won’t have as many  last-minute changes and delays. 

Weekends are typically crowded; people with social anxiety will have a difficult time  having a good flight experience if they must sift through masses.

Pack Light 

Unless you’re traveling for more than a month don’t pack heavy. A heavy bag may be  easier to track, but it is much more difficult to handle. Some travelers don’t know the  difference between heavy and too heavy. So, they often rack up large baggage fees due  to excess baggage.  

Oversized luggage will require additional fees, these fees are charged in addition to any  standard, excess or oversized baggage fees. Porters may charge additional fees due to  the perception that larger luggage means larger clients, and taxis can charge more on  the same basis. Packing light ensures that you are managing your luggage and that you  don’t have to pay extra.  

If you’re only traveling for a day or two, you should pack a bag small enough to fit in the  overhead compartments. This way, you know the chances of losing your luggage are  greatly reduced. 

Book Direct Flights 

Booking direct flights ensures no time is lost as you change planes while transferring to  another flight, and they are usually cheaper than a non-stop flight. Therefore, you won’t  have to deal with the hassle of layovers, and potential delays. Layover can be  unpredictable; they often require hours of waiting in crowded airports and can be  tedious and monotonous.  

You may be asked to stay for a day or two because of delays. And you may be  uncomfortable in a strange and new environment.


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